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Dynamic Scheduling check check
Easy task updating check check
Missed task adaptation check check
Number of tasks open Unlimited 7
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When will I be billed?

Prepay for each month, one month at a time.

Are there hidden costs?

There are no start up costs, closing costs, or tack on fees.

What's the commitment?

None, we don't believe in evil contracts, rather we think all services should have a "no commitment policy" of cancel whenever the heck you want.

When can I cancel?

Cancel anytime and you will never be billed again.

If I quit during the month, can I get a partial refund?

In order to keep pricing to a minimum, there will be no refunds. This keeps pricing to a minimum because hiring accountants to return a $1.50 or some number between zero and five bucks is a silly expense that should not be passed along in the monthly cost to our users.